Friday, July 8, 2011

Choosing a Heavy Equipment Transportation Service That Meets Your Needs

Often times the shipment that you are sending does not fit into a normal truck trailer.  Heavy equipment and oversized cargo must be shipped by specialized haul trailers.  Over height, over width and over length cargo can be accommodated by an extensive range of trailer equipment designed specifically to meet your needs.

In addition, you need a company that is well versed not only in the selection of the proper equipment for your shipment, but also one that knows the limitations of the route that you require. This includes weight limitations of roads and highways, bridge heights/breadths and depending on the dimension of the cargo, the effects that the oversized shipment will have on normal day-to-day traffic.  These restrictions also vary throughout the year with the changing of seasons.  A shipment in July can possibly have different requirements than a shipment in April or May when the spring thaw may be occurring.

A Landstar agent can provide expert guidance to coordinate the proper method of shipping and selecting the correct equipment for your cargo.  Maintaining a fleet of specialized haul equipment from tri-axle flatbeds to step deck, drop deck, lowboy and double drop trailers, Landstar agents are able to accommodate your requirements.  If necessary, each of the above mentioned specialized haul trailers are also ‘extendable’ for over-length shipments.

Equally important is to have a Landstar agent who is familiar with permit requirements that can involve a simple highway permit or to another degree, police escorts.  Each province in Canada and each state in the US have varying legislation for heavy equipment hauling or oversize freight.  It is extremely important that your carrier is fully up-to-date with the rules in each of these areas.

Moving your shipment safely is paramount to ensure that it arrives in proper condition and avoids any logistical or traffic pitfalls along the way.  Selecting the proper equipment and securing safe loads is a trademark of Landstar agents. 

Chris Montgomery is a Landstar agent in Coquitlam, British Columbia offering supply chain logistic services including multimodal, rail intermodal, load optimization, LTL consolidations, oversize shipments, specialized haul and added-value freight services.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Truck driver training- schools which shape your driving career

Truck driver schools are professional schools where students and potential truck drivers go to learn driving a truck. Such schools are designed so that after graduation, students can pass the commercial driver's license (CDL) training. After a student passes the commercial driver's license test, they can start to look for work for a transport company and start their career in the profitable, yet challenging world of truck driving.
A truck-driving career is not like other career due to the rigorous working conditions and the nature of the job. One of the principal requirements of this profession is that the prospect should be able to live independently and he should be fully self-reliant.
There are lots of such vocational schools in Atlanta that provides truck driver training to students and those who want to make their career in driving. Truck driver training is most significant factor one should consider when thinking a future in truck driving careers. Many believe that after a three week course, they are ready to tackle the road. But they come to know about the reality very soon. So listen up guys!!! Much more skills are required to drive a vehicle than simply jumping in the driver's seat. Otherwise you know the fatal results.
In such schools, students are made aware to the various laws and safety procedures that they must be familiar with. In case of any break down, Students are taught to perform maintenance inspections and various pre-trip procedures on their training vehicle. In a first-class school, instructors will be sure to thoroughly cover everything that is required for commercial driver's license test. A good school he to get paid for bringing in a shipment and the proper skills to balance life away from home and family.
These schools also provide the training to attain a CDL license and CDL training is though a tough one but after clearing it only one can start its career in driving. While opting for such school, students should thoroughly research the schools they plan to attend before making a decision because the quality of education varies from school to school.
Finally, prospective truck drivers should understand that truck driving is a rewarding career but is can be very demanding on their personal lives. Whether this career seems lucrative but it’s very tough for everyone to make balance between personal and working life as it require presence on road all the time. So consider these factors also, while opting for this career.